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Dueling Croks Blues 

Shmulik and Dave are wearing Crocs and tapping their feet.

Shmulik “My Romance”

This is one of Dave’s faves tunes – even had “My Romance ” as their wedding ceremony song that Karen sang so Dave felt comfortable and “away we go”.

Shmulik “There Will Never Be Another You”

Another one of Daves faves and just a lovely interpretation from cousin Shmulik.

Shmulik “Easy Living”

“Easy LIving” was a song Shmulik suggestd and Dave had actually never heard let alone EVER played it! But he had his trusty app in his iphone (Real book) and there it was and you can see Dave reading the changes of his iphone leaning against the spinet piano – the rest is history.

Shmulik “2 Jews Blues”

This is as close to a real jam as you can get – both newly discovered cousins “feeling each other ” out as musicians – with absolutely zero discussion about favorite bands or ever eras of music or even genres of music – it was just time to hit a few chords and practice listening skills.