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Enjoy watching a series of Living Room sessions in the home of Leo Pearlstein -Dave Bluefield’s dad – a former drummer from the Big Band Era who is well into his 90’s. Performing basic jazz standards with outstanding LA musicians for family and friends – video taped by Dave’s brother Howard Pearlstein (the former trumpeter in their Bar-Mitvah Circuit band -“Those Musical Gems -The Pearlsteins)”


Dave Bluefield on keys, Steve Cole on clarinet and vocals, Bill Edwards on Trumpet and vocals, Vaylor Hildebrand on bass and the occassional guitarist Marc Mann, Ricky Zunigar (former guitarist for Stevie Wonder).


This first video in the series features Sweet Baby J’ai provided to us by Dave’s cousin Dorie Leo (his biggest fan during his rock and roll years) and as a marvelous piece of synchronicity Dave had just moved back to LA and went to see Sweet Baby performing at a Hotel near LAX and her guitarist was none other than Ricky Zunigar -who was a guitarist for Dave’s WB Band Kindred in the early 70’s – so adding these two bonafide jazz all-stars really enhanced my parents 68th wedding anniversary.


68 year Anniversary for Leo and Helen Pearlstein


2-New Coat of Paint 6:15 Steve
3-It don’t mean a thing – 10:30 Sweet Baby J’ai
Dave solo 12:50

4-There will never be another you 17:31 (Steve)

5-Basin St Blues 21:45

6-My romance 26:21 (Sweet Baby J’ ai)
Db solo@ 30:20

7-Sweet rap
It had to be you (duet) -35:30

Dad 43:21 thanks you
8-All of Me -44:43
Sweet anniversary rap 51

9-Ain’t Misbehavin 52; 20 (duet)

10-Happy Anniversary 59:15

11-Time After Time 1:00:45 Sweet Baby rap

12-Girl from Ipanema 1:09:44 (Sweet baby)
Boogie Woogie Darktown Strutters Ball- 1:16:20 (Steve)

13- Satin Doll 1:20:10 (Sweet)

14-Sunny Side of the Street 1:28:24 (Steve)

Featuring Leo Pearlstein (90) and the LA Jazz All-Stars:
Sweet Baby J’ai -vocals, Steve Cole -Vocals, clarinet, Bill Edwards- Vocals, trmpet, Dad (Leo Pearlstein) drums, Davd Bluefield-Keys, Vaylor Hildebrand -bass
Guitar – Marc Mann Audience: Helen Pearlstein, Dorie Leo, friend Pam, Bob and Barbars Star, Leonard and Susan Pearlstein

Single songs from the latest Jam Session #6: November 2018 Leo @ 98 years young!


Dave’s return to LA

1-Autumn Leaves (Cheryl, Tom drums)

2-Jump Jive 5:53) (Steve, Tom drums)

10:23 Dad appears on drums
3-All of Me 10:30 (Steve)

4-Basin St 16:40 (Steve)

5-It had to be you (Steve)) 21:05

6- Summertime (Cheryl) 27:56

7- Bye Bye Blackbird (Steve) 32:10)

8- Happy Together 38:32 (Don Drowty)

9- Is you is (Steve) 39:50

Musicians : Leo Pearlstein drums, Tom Hills drums, Dave Bluefield-Keyboard bass/piano (Yamaha motiff), Steve Cole-Clarinet/Vocals, Scott Roewe -sax, Marc Mann-Guitar, Cherly Desberg-Vocals,
Guests: Helen Pearlstein, Dori Leo, Howard Pearlstein, Don Drowty, Rudy and Myrna Gintel, Anderson Cole, Peter Desberg


Brother Howard Birthday

1-When I’m 64 (Frank)

2-When you’re down and out -5:03 (Mary, Rob guitar)

3-Bye Bye Blackbird -8:03 – (Steve)

4-It don’t mean a thing-14:03—(Mary)

5-St.Louis Blues 18:50 (Bill)

6- New Coat of Paint-24:50(Steve, Mary)

7- Blue Bossa 30:01(Diana Nelson flute)

8- Don’t get around much anymore- 34:45(Mary)

9- You Rascal you 38:15 (Steve)

10-All of me 42:02 (Steve, Mary)

11-Happy Birthday 65 48:20-(Mary)
Too much in Love (Howard Pearlstein writer)

12-Black Orpheus 54:11- (Mary)

13-Jersey Bouncy 59:32(Steve)

14-Sweet Georgia Brown 1:04 (Bill)
Leo famous rim shot rhythm

15-Darktown Strutters Ball/ Boogie Woogie 1:09
(Karen Bluefield piano)

16-Basin St Blues 1:13:30 -1:19 (everybody)

17- Wonderful World 1:19:20

PIano – Dave (first song bro Frank)
Drums – Leo
Bass- Vaylor Hildebrand
Guitar – Ricky Zunigar (also Rob Pearlstein #2)
Trumpet- Bill Edwards
Vocals- Mary Hyland
Clarinet Vocals- Steve Cole
Also: Rob Pearlstein -guitar, Frank Pearlstein-piano, Diana Nelson-flute, Ron Nelson-, Myles
Nelson,-trumpet, Karen Bluefield -pianoAudience: Howard/Helaine Pearlstein, Dori Leo, Leonard, Susan, Robert, Asher Pearlstein, Chris Lester-Cole, Ron Okawa, Paul, Hamida Okawa, Karen Okawa-Bluefield, Robert Hassan, Samuel, Martha Condori, Ron, Diana, Myles, Dillon, Ian Nelson.



Samuel BDay bash-

1-Bye Bye Blackbird (Steve)
Dave solo @4:13

2-It had to be you (Bill) (8:20)

3-All of Me (Steve) (16:45)

4-Blue Bossa (23:27)

5-It don’t mean a thing (Bill) 30:25

6-Ain’t Misbehavin (Steve) 35:32

7-Ain’t She Sweet (Bill) 44:00

8-Basin St Blues (50:15) Steve

Mom Helens live in Bolivian Dr and Nurse Caregiving team Samuel and Martha Becero
Musicians; Dave Bluefield piano, Steve Cole Clarinet, Bill Edwards Trumpet, Vaylor Hildebrand Bass,
Ricky Zunigar guitarGuests: Karen Okawa Bluefield, Howard, Helaine Pearlstein, Helaine’s mom, Ron, Gloria Okawa, Dr and Elaine Blackman, Dori Leo, Ron, Diana Nelson, Samuel and Martha, Robert Hassan



1-Don’t Get around much anymore

2-Bye Bye Blackbird (3:50)

3-It don’t mean a thing (8:30)

4-Sweet Georgia Brown (12:45)

5-All of Me (15:20)

6-Basin st Blues (17:40

9-Boogie Woogie (21:23)

10-Wonderful World (23:17)

11-Happy Birthday Dad number 96!

Leo Pearlstein (96 years old) -drums
Dave Bluefield-piano
Steve Cole -clarinet and vocals
Karen Okawa-Bluefield (Boogie Woogie)Audience: Karen Okawa-Bluefield, Frank and Cathie Pearlstein (videographer)
Howard and Helaine Pearlstein, Ron and Nancy Parque, Siv Aberg