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What once was called the Perfect Pitch has now been retitled EARTH IDOL and is Rhythm & Bluesical musical about First Contact with an Alien Civilzation that helps to transform both Earth and Alien civilzations into understanding each other via the power of Earth Music. Feel free to access the script, listen to the songs (co written with Dougass Konecky), read the story outline, and contact MCS with any comments about development and involvement.

In the not too distant future -Earth is controlled by super Corporations, the largest of which is XS BS CORP – that sponsors the most popular TV program “Earth Idol”, where the weekly winner is determined by an online vote. When one horrible song keeps on winning everyone from the XSBS Sponsors to the current idol to the hopeful participants -believes the show to be rigged for different reasons. It turns out that a comet from Planet Haley has picked up the transmission and “Body Party (the winning song)  is only thing that stops the constantly bickering Haliens from killing each other. So they vote en masse once a week (Tuesday at 9 PM PST). This leads to a most revealing First Contact where both civilizations must decide to trust one another -as one out of control comet hurtles towards Earth -Will the power of music realize peace in time.
Contact MCS with any comments about development and involvement.