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This is a movement to ignite pride in who we are as part of the bigger mix of all cultures – all contributing to the sciences, to the arts, to the great diversity of humans – how to encourage instead of discourage. It is all designed to focus on the self-evident beliefs in our Declaration of Independence, and celebrate “who cares who got here first!”


It is a video/song rant about an “Inequality Zoo” designed to “promote the vote” towards establishing a true majority rule.


Enjoy watching a series of Living Room sessions in the home of Leo Pearlstein -Dave Bluefield’s dad – a former drummer from the Big Band Era who is well into his 90’s. Performing basic jazz standards with outstanding LA musicians for family and friends –


video taped by Dave’s brother Howard Pearlstein (the former trumpeter in their Bar-Mitvah Circuit band -“Those Musical Gems -The Pearlsteins)”
Dave Bluefield on keys, Steve Cole on clarinet and vocals, Bill Edwards on Trumpet and vocals, Vaylor Hildebrand on bass and the occassional guitarist Marc Mann, Ricky Zunigar (former guitarist for Stevie Wonder).


Learn the backstories of how The Clazzax Trilogy, the American Music Project and Music Stories came to be produced.


In this amazing twist of fate: Dave and wife Karen were visitng two cousins in Israel (izzy Goedel and Dahlia Kovalsky) moslty in Tel Aviv -and at dinner the night before they were going to Jerusalem, cousin Izzy mentioned to Dave that he had another cousin living in Jerusalem that he should look up. He was a world-class horn player and sure enough these two cousins with the same great -grandfather Lipa Perlstein had an amazing “jam’ session. Shmulik Kovalsky is an amazing talent who has mastered the “wind-controller” (a midi-controller that plays any sound from a module with the wind of a reed instrument). Their mutual great-grandfather had a band back in 1923 in Poland – that played Movie houses before talkies -so witness and enjoy The Pearlstein Family Orchestra version 2.0.

And all of this is possible because for once Dave had his fancy digital camera properly charged and lovely wife Karen willing to film the proceedings. Thanks Karen, great job.


What once was called the Perfect Pitch has now been retitled EARTH IDOL and is Rhythm & Bluesical musical about First Contact with an Alien Civilzation that helps to transform both Earth and Alien civilzations into understanding each other via the power of Eartth Music.

There are 10 songs that help telll the tale of a band The Heartbeats that is trying to win the best song award on the most popluar reality singing competition TV show on Earth. Idol -But because only one song keeps winning that everybody is sick of (” Body Body Party Party” by reigning champion and current Idol Barry Shallow and his band The Hole in the Soul Patrol) everyone thinks th fix is on- either the Sponsors, the contestants, even Barry Shallow knows why Body Party keeps winning because it turns out to be the Aliens. Feel free to access the script, listen tot he songs, read the story outline and contact MCS with any comments about development and involvement.